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MAKE MONEY TRADING ALT COINS – 100% Guaranteed Strategy

Hey guys we have some brand new crypto news coming courtesy of BiteSizeBitcoin. It’s been hard to keep up with all of the changes going on this week, but we’re here to discuss and demystify Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.

So as you probably saw from this title I want to get right into this I’ve been getting a lot of requests from my subscribers of how I do trading and I’m a long-term holder and most things but with altcoins guys that’s how you make the money that’s how you make the money so I want to show you guys my spreadsheet of how I do alt alternative coin games and show you guys how I how I use this spreadsheet to make some money, and how I set goals.

It’s pretty simple so let’s look at the market real quick, here let’s tune it over to the market alright let’s move over here so the market looks really good today guys everything is going up on this Tuesday morning at about 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time bitcoins up in to 7:35 Etherium actually steering was making a rally I exited quietly a 225 a couple days ago three or four days ago it’s gone back up litecoins up 42 charlie lee man I love you Charlie Lee but you done messed up when you see CNBC interview man I was not very good Ripple’s down dough just flatlining but you guys know how we always doing that downward facing dog!

Guys I really have to figure out how to make Doge make me more money guys (just cause), and golems up for the first time in a long time. Stratus steam and ski of coin is looking good, let’s get right into it. So I’m going to show you guys my bit tricks account you’ll see that I have ant shares that 190 shares I got Stratos 129 ripple it for 3700 steam at 468 and see a coin at 58,000 58,000 oh and someone tipped me someone sent me a tip of some byte ball so thank you you know who you are thank you so much for sending me a tip of byte ball it’s up 20 percent today so feeling pretty good about that and obviously stellar lumens if you guys have an account you guys know that fellow loons have been handing out those coins so I got a little bit of that before I transferred some of my Bitcoin out of here to my Exodus wallet so I want to show you guys my spreadsheet of how I make money in altcoin trading.

So it needs a little bit of explanation but it’s really not that complex okay so there’s a couple rules, number one and we’ve talked about this in our other videos of how to do cost averaging over so make sure you check out BiteSizeBitcoin’s video of how they made over $15,000 over the last six months with light coins so make sure that you check that out.

Rule number one is pick a dollar amount that you are willing to spend weekly like clockwork guy 50 bucks 25 bucks whatever you guys are okay with and what you do is every week like clockwork you put that money into the market and so what you see here is this first part you see this first part here bit tricks this is basically a copy of my bit tricks account you can’t share stratus ripple scheme see a coin and you hear this and shares stratus ripple scheme see a coin the next part is my increment so with ant shares i bought in at a thousand bucks that’s just what i threw in there however with Stratus Ripple steam and see a coin Stratus I put $50 in every Thursday with Ripple every Thursday I put 25 bucks in with steam I put 25 bucks in and see a coin I put 25 dollars in.

That’s the key, working with altcoins and pushing money into the market every week. Consistently stack onto the trends and keep track of what you are doing. If you follow the video, it’s a cinch. With Bitcoin climbing after the news regarding the fork, crypto is only headed up. Watch the trends and take advantage of what’s going on, but be consistent. If you keep scaling the money you put in, you’re going to be headed in the right direction.

Video Credit: BiteSizeBitcoin

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