White Hat VS Black Hat SEO Techniques 2017

All right everyone welcome to the white hat versus black hat SEO podcast we’re gonna be discussing white hat and black hat SEO tactics that are currently working today, so you can get a better idea of what not to do on your website. I have Josh Basinski he’s a very very intelligent when it comes to SEO he’s got some of the top videos on YouTube right now when it comes to SEO he’s got thousands and thousands I think 10,000 subscribers right now on YouTube which is which is pretty spectacular for the SEO industry because on YouTube there isn’t a lot going on in terms of SEO.

There’s a couple of big players and josh is one of them so so yeah Josh I’m happy to have you on here this is a pretty exciting we’re doing episode one that’s right thank you very much chase and in the black hat versus white hat SEO show as Jase mentioned alright maybe we’ll switch every week to week we can do that but I guess for now I’m going to play the role of the white hat SEO and in the debate who’s not so much debating in the discussion chase is gonna play the the role of the black hat SEO if you will and we might have mild debating regarding the wladek blackish in his hat and the whitish in his hat.

Well I was actually under the impression Josh that we would be switching in between I’m gonna be definitely discussing the things that are going to be going on for black hat like things that I’ve been noticing people are doing like for instance one of the things that’s big right now it seems like people are trying to buy expired domains and yes and and then take those and use 301’s for existing links going into those domains two domains they’re trying to rank but I still want to I still do want to comment on some things that are going on in terms of white hat no I think you’re not allowed your the black hat well you can go black hat stuff no of course you can that’s right cool so yeah so let’s start with the let’s start with white hat I know you know a lot about what’s going on in terms of white hat you definitely outline it a lot in your ugh and your SEO 2017 complete guide and if you guys haven’t seen this yet you should definitely check it out.

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