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bb8 has an evil twin star wars last jedi

BB-8 has an Evil Twin? The Last Jedi Reveals Upcoming Character

Hyped for the new Star Wars movie yet? With everything going on these days, it’s easy to forget that another major edition to the Star Wars franchise is only months away. As with all of the other installments before it, we were expecting new characters, and it looks like The Last Jedi isn’t going to disappoint. It was revealed today that we are getting some kind of evil BB-8 astro droid, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This might sound like small potatoes for people who aren’t die hard fans of the franchise, but the droids have always been one […]
millennials are obsessed with email

Millennials are Obsessed With Email? Exploring a Daft Article From Forbes

Ever find something on the Internet so dumb, you just have to comment on it? No, I’m not talking about the vapid cesspool of a Youtube comment section or the unsavory corners of Political Twitter, I mean stuff that’s actually supposed to be legitimate. Like reputable news outlets. Well, the other day I happened upon another gem in the Millennials Are the Absolute Worst Things to Happen to Earth genre of Internet lore, and it’s something of a banger. A Forbes piece, apparently running with a study done by Adobe, makes the audacious (?) claim that “Millenials are Actually Obsessed […]
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Evergreen Coin (EGC) Price Predictions – STRONG BUY

Hello everyone hope everyone is doing today I wanted to evaluate a new coin that I think has a lot of potential and it’s called evergreen coin so evergreen coin has been around for a couple of years since 2016 and it is dedicated obviously through being socially conscious and energy efficient so the first thing about this coin is that it already has its wallet and implementation it has a dual algorithm the x-15 proof of work and the proof of stay again it’s a very generous proof aesthetic that pays out 7% to its stakeholders now the reason […]
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Coinbase Next Coins – These Are Probably The Next 4

What’s going on guys so today I wanted to go over a couple things first I want to go over what I think coin basis next coins are going to be and why I actually have a little bit of evidence and follow along and let me know what you think. I really truly think this is a very very solid piece of evidence that I know what the next coins are now we’re at one hundred and thirty seven point eight billion dollar market caps so we are going up, which is great sign everybody should be happy. Whatever […]
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Crypto Rally led by Korea, Ripple Blasts off, IRS tracking Bitcoin

What’s up everyone  welcome back to mining daily today we start off with a market recap first of all followed by rip holes explosive proof due to korean trading talked a little bit about the power of the korean market right now then of course some interesting news with the IRS the IRS has actually been tracking Bitcoin which analysis since 2015 so hmm we also have Walmart and IBM they’re trying to form this blockchain to fight food poisoning next up this thing on that’s going on right now the Segway 2x debate Bitcoin side and Bitcoin cash I […]
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TOP 5 Coins | Crypto News You NEED To Know ?

We’re to bring you everything crypto related where the rich never sleep. Today we’re gonna be talking about the top five coins of the past week and some of the major news over the past week just a couple of things before we start and I want to keep this separate going forward I know as someone mentioned you know so I just full-time this is my full-time job cryptocurrency so I do need to make a living and I do sell some products I have a course over on udemy one on one appointments etc so I’m gonna try […]
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We’re back with another Crypto update, you know things have been crazy. Today we’re going over the top 4 hidden gem crypto pics these are my personal taxes aren’t going to be everybody’s favorites but these are my personal top 4 hidden gems in crypto sphere right now that I think are either way undervalued they are going to break out soon or they’re just really solid technology and I want to be a personal Wester in them and that third point is important because it applies to this first coin 8px now if you get a coin market cap […]
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  Tee Lopes did an amazing Job on Sonic Mania – the soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece. This video features his words on the Sonic Mania release: It’s been a long year full of ups and downs but we’ve done it it’s out the dream is real so let me talk about the experience a little bit as many of you guys know composing for an official Sonic game has been a dream of mine for many many years manifested through remixes on YouTube fan projects in Sonic inspires games like we go to West’s major magnet if you haven’t […]
sonic mania matthew lovett

Why Sonic Mania Has the Perfect Formula For Success (Sonic 3 and Knuckles Hype Playthrough Breakdown)

After recently diving through Sonic 3 and Knuckles again, and once again seeing the classic Sonic formula in action, I had a pretty decent idea of what it was going to take for Sonic Mania to be a breakout hit. Judging by the reviews, I think it pretty much nailed it. So far, Sonic Mania has gotten the kinds of reviews Sonic Team had been striving for and falling far from for over a decade. Outside of say, Sonic Generations, recent Sonic the Hedgehog games have been a bizarre mishmash of uninspired level design, awkward gameplay, outrageous character models, and […]
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MAKE MONEY TRADING ALT COINS – 100% Guaranteed Strategy

Hey guys we have some brand new crypto news coming courtesy of BiteSizeBitcoin. It’s been hard to keep up with all of the changes going on this week, but we’re here to discuss and demystify Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. So as you probably saw from this title I want to get right into this I’ve been getting a lot of requests from my subscribers of how I do trading and I’m a long-term holder and most things but with altcoins guys that’s how you make the money that’s how you make the money so I want to show you guys […]