Are you living your best life or are you miserable and looking for answers?

Your choices decide the quality of living you enjoy. Start making the right ones NOW.

I’m passionate about helping people reach the next level in life. Whether that means coaching them on improving their self-confidence, helping them form a diet plan or business strategy, or simply building them a killer website, my bottom line is your success.

  • How to increase traffic to your blog immediately
  • Escaping your 9 to 5 with professional coaching
  • Master the art of passive income
  • One on one coaching for writing and sales copy
  • Custom diet and exercise plans based on martial discipline and holistic living
  • WordPress sites and sales funnels
  • Meditation and trauma relief counseling
  • Personal introduction to hermetics and living a life on the Path

Want to Jumpstart Your Business?
I’ll show you how, and give you the tools to take the reins yourself. I provide one on one training on everything from WordPress to social media marketing, as well as personal self-mastery, so you can take your hustle to a whole new level.

Join the Conversation

This is where I dump my thoughts. Sometimes I get political, sometimes I get esoteric, but I always aim to inform. I don’t shy away from deep topics and neither should you.

You’ll also find plenty of hobby topics here, including articles on entertainment, video games, movies, books, and more.

Social Media Battleplans

I’ll get you set up with the latest in Social Media strategies and digital marketing techniques, so your business can start getting the traffic and conversions you need it to. We also run plans for social media accounts and personal blogs. If you need traffic and rankings, look no further.

Strategies That Work

At this point I’ve just about seen every hare-brained marketing and business scheme imaginable. Every day it seems like another guru comes out of the woodwork with a new “Master Class.” Forget all of that, let’s just stick to the core strategies successful businesses all over the Internet are using to make a fortune.

Magnetize New Clients

Discover ways to attract new clients and tell your story with our innovative brand-building techniques. I know what works and what doesn’t – I’ll show you exactly what “behind the scenes” hacks you can use in your own business to outpace the competition and put your brand on the map.

Self-Mastery Training That Works

The book that will transform everything you think you know about your Self and the world around you.

Unlock your body and mind’s potential and finally take control of your life.

  • Training routines based on physical discipline and hermetic principles
  • Understand how the mind works and how to control it
  • Crash course on the laws of attraction that anyone can understand and apply to their business
  • Body mastery techniques that will have you in the best shape of your life
  • Dietary and holistic health advice that will skyrocket your quality of life
  • Never before published insights on meditation and the nature of the mind