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pokemon ultra sun ultra moon first look

What We Can Expect in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Last fall, Pokemon Sun and Moon launched and enjoyed widespread popularity. Everything was pretty much on point in that game, from the new kinds of gym battles (called Island Trials), to the brand new Pokemon designs, to the Z-Crystal mechanics and the rich story-line and fun characters. The Alola region in general, where Pokemon Sun and Moon takes place, seems to have struck a chord in Pokemon fans everywhere, especially in Japan, where spinoff manga and pop culture have embraced it openly. Not ones to disappoint, Gamefreak is rolling out sequels this fall, dubbed Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra […]
pirates of dark water sega genesis

NEW SERIES: Let’s Survive The Pirates of Dark Water

The time has come, our new series is here at last. I actually managed to cram this into my schedule, because torturing myself trying to beat retro Sega games is something I’ve always aspired to do (not joking?) We’re kicking off the series with Pirates of Dark Water, an action platformer that used to give me hell when I played years ago. There’s actually a ton of reasons why I wanted to trudge through this game. One, it’s got fast-paced gameplay that I remember enjoying. It’s got decent music, somewhat intriguing levels, and of course a difficulty that should make […]
bitcoin better than gold

Bitcoin vs Gold: Which is the Better Long Term Investment?

In unstable economies, it’s not uncommon to seek some kind of a hedge for your wealth. Gold has always been at the top of the list, because it always tends to be sought after, therefore it has always retained a kind of residual value. However, Bitcoin is looking to change that. A Useful Cash Stash Traditionally, cash reserves or savings would tend to just sit around. Whether it’s the cash under your bed, the money you have sitting in a savings account accruing what amounts to peanuts over the course of a year, or a gold coin or two, these […]
bitcoin world news google and apple partner browser extension

Google + Apple Partner For Crypto Browser Extensions: BTC World Update

Everyone welcome back to our crypto news, and we’re coming off of China banning ICO including down some exchanges are actually seeing today that Japan has now become over 50% of the market share of bitcoins brand-new development as they take the lead. We’re trying to kind of stumble, I think we’re gonna continue to see a government come in and try to regulate cryptocurrency. Other than the bill there is a bill put forward by that’s wonderful news their function to work with the application extension would pull up a QR code and you could pay directly there is […]
how to get google to rank your website

How to Get Google to Crawl Your New Website as Fast as Possible

I get this question a lot: how do I get Google to notice me? You may have even followed a tutorial for indexing your site with Google Webmaster Tools and even worked your butt off for a few good backlinks. But why aren’t you coming up in searches? Well, one issue I often see is that people forget about robots.txt. You can have all of the right meta data, a perfectly constructed site, and your Google Analytics in place, but if you don’t specifically tell Google how to crawl your site, there’s a good chance the Google bot won’t bother […]
bitcoin price down will crypto rally

Bitcoin in Free-Fall? Will Crypto Rally or is the Bubble Finally Bursting?

Last night saw further losses in Bitcoin and massive losses across the crypto landscape as market turbulence continues to be a reality. The important thing to focus on is, no matter how crazy things are in the short term, these kinds of market corrections are just that, corrections. And bailing out early only makes the situation seem worse, because value is being taken out of the market, and you’re almost certainly taking a loss, which is what you never want to do in crypto. If you think that you are doing bad in $crypto, remember that there are people who […]
china closes bitcoin altcoin exchanges

Crypto Turbulence as China Bans Exchanges? Why Bitcoin Will Thrive Regardless

There has been plenty of talk in the cryptoverse lately about China and its actions toward crypto in general. Unsure and novice investors are selling their coins and making wild, doomsday predictions as to what will happen now that China has decided to pull the plug on the crypto market. This blurb from an article on sums up the hysteria: “Bitcoin is currently down 7.7 percent, Ethereum is down 11 percent, Bitcoin Cash (which is quite popular in China) is down 11.2 percent, etc. But if you go on Chinese exchanges, the crash is even more important. For instance, […]
bloodborne reinventing the boss fight

Reinventing The Boss Fight (Why Bloodborne’s Rom is a Model for RPG Innovation)

We’re a few years out from the release of Bloodborne, yet the game continues to impress. With its character build varieties, randomized bonus dungeons, and fun PvP, it’s no wonder it still boasts a vibrant community and strong player base. Fans of Bloodborne and its sister game series Dark Souls know why they keep coming back: they’re simply fun, challenging, well-designed games.  I’ve only just begun diving into Bloodborne and discovering everything it has to offer, but as a longtime video game fan it hasn’t taken me long to realize how much Bloodborne turns conventional RPG norms on their head. […]
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White Hat VS Black Hat SEO Techniques 2017

All right everyone welcome to the white hat versus black hat SEO podcast we’re gonna be discussing white hat and black hat SEO tactics that are currently working today, so you can get a better idea of what not to do on your website. I have Josh Basinski he’s a very very intelligent when it comes to SEO he’s got some of the top videos on YouTube right now when it comes to SEO he’s got thousands and thousands I think 10,000 subscribers right now on YouTube which is which is pretty spectacular for the SEO industry because on YouTube […]

SEO For Beginners 2017 – How to Rank High In Google?

In this guide i’m going to share with you several SEO techniques that you can apply to your website so you can get a lot more traffic coming from Google. I’m going to focus mainly because google is the main search engine on the internet someone that receives the most traffic so when you’re focusing on SEO you should always think about Google and also why do you actually want to get more traffic from Google. Well one, it’s completely free so you don’t pay for it if you know what you are doing you can get highly targeted traffic. […]