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Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite Season 4: Map Changes, Meteor Crash Sites, Spray Painting, and More!

by Matt
The hype train is in full gear once again as Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is upon us! Unlike with past seasons, EPIC has been pretty tight-lipped coming into Season 4, not really revealing much about the changes that were coming, and building plenty of speculation with the looming meteor in the sky, along with outposts scattered throughout the map to watch said meteor. As season 3 came to a close, meteorites even began falling from the sky, which could destroy the environment and player structures as they hit the ground.  This is all we really had to go […]
Ring of Elysium PUBG Killer

Ring of Elysium is the Real PUBG Killer

by Matt
Formerly called Europa, Ring of Elysium is a novel multiplayer battle royale game developed by Chinese game publisher Tencent and if you are an avid fan of battle royale games like Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Fortnite, there is a good chance that you have crossed path with this game. The game is basically a PUBG clone, which is why so many players have been into the game. But, just how similar are the two games? Let’s check this out. What’s the difference between Ring of Elysium and PUBG? Even though ROE is a clone of PUGB, there are some fundamental […]
Ultimate Fortnite Weapons Guide

Ultimate Fortnite Weapons Stats (Battle Royale Guide)

by Matt
An important part of getting those W’s is understanding what all of the weapons in Fortnite do, as well as how and when to best use them. If you’re wondering what the damage output of your favorite weapon is, or if you ever asked just how much better is the Purple Tac from the Green one, you’ve come to the right place. Experiment with every weapon type, even if you favor some over the others. You never know when you’ll be in a tight situation early game, and you don’t want to be stuck with a weapon you’ve never used […]
Fortnite Battle Royale Map Update

Fortnite Battle Royale Map Update and More

by Matt
The hype surrounding the new Fortnite: Battle Royale update has been growing toward a fever pitch. Now with the announcement by Epic that the long anticipated map update is coming with a host of new features and bug fixes, including animation updates, building mechanic tweaks, and more, the community is just about dying to get their hands on this thing. For anyone who doesn’t already know or who has been otherwise living under a gaming rock for the last month or so, Epic Games informed us weeks ago that updates were coming for the map to Fortnite. Now, some could […]
Best Black Friday Deals 2017 For PC and Gaming

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday PC and Gaming Deals 2017

by Matt
Black Friday, that wondrous holiday of consumerism we all know and love, is approaching fast. I’ve been researching PC components lately because I am on the verge of finally getting a new rig of my own for both business and gaming. In the process, I realize I have combed over just about every message board, PC part store, Amazon review, and unboxing from 2017 on the Internet, so I thought I would do everyone a favor and drop a juicy Black Friday / Cyber Monday buyer’s guide for you guys. Some of these deals might not be around long, and […]

What We Can Expect in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

by Matt
Last fall, Pokemon Sun and Moon launched and enjoyed widespread popularity. Everything was pretty much on point in that game, from the new kinds of gym battles (called Island Trials), to the brand new Pokemon designs, to the Z-Crystal mechanics and the rich story-line and fun characters. The Alola region in general, where Pokemon Sun and Moon takes place, seems to have struck a chord in Pokemon fans everywhere, especially in Japan, where spinoff manga and pop culture have embraced it openly. Not ones to disappoint, Gamefreak is rolling out sequels this fall, dubbed Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra […]

NEW SERIES: Let’s Survive The Pirates of Dark Water

by Matt
The time has come, our new series is here at last. I actually managed to cram this into my schedule, because torturing myself trying to beat retro Sega games is something I’ve always aspired to do (not joking?) We’re kicking off the series with Pirates of Dark Water, an action platformer that used to give me hell when I played years ago. There’s actually a ton of reasons why I wanted to trudge through this game. One, it’s got fast-paced gameplay that I remember enjoying. It’s got decent music, somewhat intriguing levels, and of course a difficulty that should make […]

Reinventing The Boss Fight (Why Bloodborne’s Rom is a Model for RPG Innovation)

by Matt
We’re a few years out from the release of Bloodborne, yet the game continues to impress. With its character build varieties, randomized bonus dungeons, and fun PvP, it’s no wonder it still boasts a vibrant community and strong player base. Fans of Bloodborne and its sister game series Dark Souls know why they keep coming back: they’re simply fun, challenging, well-designed games.  I’ve only just begun diving into Bloodborne and discovering everything it has to offer, but as a longtime video game fan it hasn’t taken me long to realize how much Bloodborne turns conventional RPG norms on their head. […]


by Matt
  Tee Lopes did an amazing Job on Sonic Mania – the soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece. This video features his words on the Sonic Mania release: It’s been a long year full of ups and downs but we’ve done it it’s out the dream is real so let me talk about the experience a little bit as many of you guys know composing for an official Sonic game has been a dream of mine for many many years manifested through remixes on YouTube fan projects in Sonic inspires games like we go to West’s major magnet if you haven’t […]

Why Sonic Mania Has the Perfect Formula For Success (Sonic 3 and Knuckles Hype Playthrough Breakdown)

by Matt
After recently diving through Sonic 3 and Knuckles again, and once again seeing the classic Sonic formula in action, I had a pretty decent idea of what it was going to take for Sonic Mania to be a breakout hit. Judging by the reviews, I think it pretty much nailed it. So far, Sonic Mania has gotten the kinds of reviews Sonic Team had been striving for and falling far from for over a decade. Outside of say, Sonic Generations, recent Sonic the Hedgehog games have been a bizarre mishmash of uninspired level design, awkward gameplay, outrageous character models, and […]
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