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Bitcoin Market Correction Buy The Dip

Bitcoin Crash or Market Correction? What This Big Dip Means for Crypto

The crypto world has been rocky over the past month or so, as unexpected fluctuation, prolonged dips, and the eruption of Bitconnect platform has had investors and traders alike running around like headless chickens. Now it seems like the new money and hype that sent Bitcoin rising to astronomic levels in December is also about to come crashing down.  Bitcoin Market Correction Imminent Many of us knew Bitcoin, and the rest of the crypto world, was in for a solid market correction. The rapidly growing perceived value of crypto that we saw through most of Q4 2017 was destined to […]
How to Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin: Your Guide to Starting Your Crypto Portfolio

Over the past few months I think the question I get asked most by other professionals, bloggers, and entrepreneurs is: how do you buy Bitcoin?  Starting your crypto portfolio is really not that difficult, but with the wealth of information out there, knowing where to begin can get a little confusing. Follow the simple steps in the short guide, and you’ll be on the fast-track to your first piece of the Bitcoin pie. Buying Bitcoin Step 1: Open A Digital Wallet Just like with fiat currency (USD in our case), it must be stored somewhere digitally, such as in an […]
Bitcoin Hype is Real

Bitcoin Over $15,000?! The Hype Is Real (Here’s How You Can Still Jump In)

As many traders and investors, including myself, predicted, Bitcoin has skyrocketed past $10,000 and has now touched an unprecedented $15,000 as the digital currency gains more traction and support. We’re one week into December and Bitcoin has already made headlines, with various endorsements all across the board that have investors salivating. Despite it’s huge hike in worth, it’s not too late to jump on the Bitcoin Bandwagon.  Patience is the Key With Crypto It’s important to keep perspective when looking to get into crypto right now. The market cap is exploding and values are fluctuating wildly. There is a trend […]
Best Long Term Crypto Investments 2018

To HODL or Not to HODL? The Best Long-Term Crypto Investments For 2018

With the crypto market in such flux, investors and traders alike are asking the question: what is a solid long-term crypto investment going into 2018? It’s difficult to single out any one tactic, as even Bitcoin looks like it is fluctuating wildly due to FUD and the cancellation of the Segwit2x split. However, after doing some solid research into what looks promising going into 2018 and beyond, let’s talk Lightning Network. Lightning Network is a kind of protocol for growing and speeding up blockchains. It was designed to solve some of the technical limitations of Bitcoin (which is also one […]
best altcoins buy now 2018

Best Altcoins Worth Investing In Right Now

The crypto market has been turbulent as ever, and traders everywhere are asking, what are the best altcoins to invest in? This can be especially harrowing when you realize new altcoins are popping up every day. Now that we see Bitcoin correcting itself after the Bitcoin Gold fork, be prepared for Altcoins to make a push once again. Many alts are expected to rise in value over the next couple of months as everybody waits to see what will happen with the various Bitcoin platforms. This is not to say that Bitcoin isn’t a sound investment right now – I […]
bitcoin explodes past 5000

Bitcoin EXPLODES Past $5000 and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know to Start Trading

Late to the Bitcoin party? Worry not, you’re in good hands. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that cryptocurrency is currently one of the hottest topics. Indeed, it’s one of the most searched for terms in Google over the summer, and continues to gain in mainstream popularity. Bitcoin in particular is heading the charge. As of this week, Bitcoin broke into the $5000 range and has since gained value far quicker than most expected. If you’re new to crypto and are looking for a way in, look no further. This isn’t going to be a long and […]
bitcoin price rise

Bitcoin Soars Again (Why Crypto Dips Are Merely Anomalies)

If I had to give you the best piece of crypto advice I could in only one short sentence, I would just tell you, “buy the dip.” Anyone who is familiar with the ebb and flow of markets naturally grows wary of big dips and any signs of instability. In stocks, 5% and 10% volume dips are nearly apocalyptic. That kind of thing gives day-traders grey hair. I believe there are still too many people applying stock market logic to the movements of crypto. Though they share many of the same qualities, they are definitely not the same thing.  Crypto […]
bitcoin better than gold

Bitcoin vs Gold: Which is the Better Long Term Investment?

In unstable economies, it’s not uncommon to seek some kind of a hedge for your wealth. Gold has always been at the top of the list, because it always tends to be sought after, therefore it has always retained a kind of residual value. However, Bitcoin is looking to change that. A Useful Cash Stash Traditionally, cash reserves or savings would tend to just sit around. Whether it’s the cash under your bed, the money you have sitting in a savings account accruing what amounts to peanuts over the course of a year, or a gold coin or two, these […]
bitcoin world news google and apple partner browser extension

Google + Apple Partner For Crypto Browser Extensions: BTC World Update

Everyone welcome back to our crypto news, and we’re coming off of China banning ICO including down some exchanges are actually seeing today that Japan has now become over 50% of the market share of bitcoins brand-new development as they take the lead. We’re trying to kind of stumble, I think we’re gonna continue to see a government come in and try to regulate cryptocurrency. Other than the bill there is a bill put forward by that’s wonderful news their function to work with the application extension would pull up a QR code and you could pay directly there is […]
bitcoin price down will crypto rally

Bitcoin in Free-Fall? Will Crypto Rally or is the Bubble Finally Bursting?

Last night saw further losses in Bitcoin and massive losses across the crypto landscape as market turbulence continues to be a reality. The important thing to focus on is, no matter how crazy things are in the short term, these kinds of market corrections are just that, corrections. And bailing out early only makes the situation seem worse, because value is being taken out of the market, and you’re almost certainly taking a loss, which is what you never want to do in crypto. If you think that you are doing bad in $crypto, remember that there are people who […]