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Mind Hacks Overcome Limitation

3 Mind Hacks to Overcome Your Limitations

You have no idea how much living you are missing out on by letting your limitations control what you can and cannot do. It’s important to realize that your mind should be setting the tone for the course of your life, not the other way around. If you are letting random happenstance and “life parameters” to dictate the state of your mind, you are a slave. This is the difference between a “can do” person and someone who constantly complains and makes excuses. Don’t settle for limitation and mediocrity. The good news is, limitations can be overcome. Over the years […]
Emotional Health Guide For Men

Emotional Health Guide For Men

Depending on what you hear, there’s either way too much talk of men’s emotions these days, or far too little. While there may be plenty of opinions floating around about the state of men’s emotional health and awareness, there’s clearly not enough substance.  This is a shame, because emotional intelligence is crucial for success in all fields of life, and many men struggle with this. Mixed signals from the media and health outlets either tell men to be emasculated husks or overly aggressive buffoons. Men are starved for guidance and answers. The recent worldwide resurgence of hate groups and fascism […]
Mental and Physical Clutter

What Moving Teaches You About Mental and Physical Clutter

I’ve lived around clutter for much of my life growing up. My father was something of a handyman, whose years of working as an electrician instilled in him the habit of never throwing anything out, no matter how obscure or defective. As a kid, it was normal for me to see chunks of VCR’s laying around and drawers full of capacitors and screws. There was always some unidentifiable chunk of electronic crap dotting my childhood landscape.  In more recent years, his house had become a graveyard for any number of bass amps, old cassette players, cheap power tools, and all […]
Newest Email Spam Tactics

Newest Spam Mail Tactics and Other Email Scam Tales

The Internet has always been a repository of weird. Despite how mainstream and commodified it’s become, there’s always going to be this sewer of the bizarre just beneath the surface, full of things that just leave us scratching our heads.  Of course, nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of spam email and marketing, which somehow hasn’t aged a day since like 2002. The regularity with which the same nonsense pops up again and again in spam email inboxes is almost impressive. If you don’t believe me, visit your most popular email account right now and check your […]
Narcissism Anger Culture

Narcissism and Anger Culture

Spatial awareness is one of those skills that’s a blessing in disguise. It’s like putting on a special visor that let’s you see past the veil of nonsense that covers so much of this society. Personality flaws and driving motives in others become glaringly obvious, for better or worse.  Even the least bit of awareness opens up this bizarre world of anger and narcissism that seems to permeate a lot of our society at the moment.  My best advice I can give on this subject is don’t succumb to it, don’t feed into it, don’t take part in it, and […]
Matthew Lovett Social Media Decay Report

The Decay of News and Social Media

Social media was heralded as the apex of the Internet. It’s what brought the World Wide Web into the full mainstream, yet its decay heralds a different era altogether. Before social media, the Internet truly was an obscure place, known only by geeks, nerds, techies, gamers, and social outcasts. Yeah sure there were some savvy business types that used it regularly, but no one really thought of the Internet as someplace that you “went” to. It was more like a computer tool, just another program or file on your home PC that had info you can look up or ways […]
Overcoming Adversity with a Balanced Mindset

Overcoming Adversity With a Balanced Mindset

Life is made up of adversity. So how do you meet it head on and overcome it? If you’re approaching life from the standpoint that attempts to avoid and minimize adversity, you’re setting yourself up for let downs and handicapping your ability to get the most out of life. Ask anyone who has been through tough times: it breeds character, prepares you for the future, and gives you perspective. You’re never going to avoid adversity, as it is baked into the way reality functions. Look at the natural world: it is full of adversity. Everything includes a bit of risk, […]
Staying Motivated Work Out

How to Stay Motivated When Working Out and How it Translates to Business

A question I see all the time is: “How do I stay motivated enough to work out consistently?” This issue is often dismissed, but it is a very real problem for some. I like to say that it’s one part mindset and another part metabolism. If you aren’t mentally focused on self-improvement and health, you won’t feel like working out continuously is necessary. Likewise, if your body is lethargic and slow due to poor diet and (no surprise!) lack of exercise, you are not going to feel in the mood to work out. There are some simple things you can […]
Fortnite Battle Royale Parents Guide to Violence in Video Games

Violence in Video Game Propaganda Turns Sights to Fortnite Battle Royale

After seeing the recent events transpiring around the world regarding the incredibly popular Fortnite Battle Royale, and seeing concerned parents voice their opinions on social media, I thought it would be smart to offer a bit of much needed sanity into a conversation that is quickly getting out of hand. Some of the news bits I’ve been seeing about this game border on outright propaganda. If you are merely a parent watching from the sidelines, you probably don’t know what to believe and only want what’s best for your kid, naturally. You hear the fear and madness coming from talking […]
Best Netflix Horror 2017

Best Netflix Horror Movies 2017

There’s still more horror movie madness to tackle before October ends, so I’m here to tell you about five of the best horror movies you can watch on Netflix right now. I won’t lie to you guys the summer was pretty weak in terms of what we’ve had to watch on Netflix but they just uploaded a ton of great horror movies so while I picked out five of my favorites there’s actually a whole lot more than I’m talking about today so if you want to see more videos on what you can watch on Netflix. The Void Let […]