Best Netflix Horror Movies 2017

Best Netflix Horror 2017

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There’s still more horror movie madness to tackle before October ends, so I’m here to tell you about five of the best horror movies you can watch on Netflix right now. I won’t lie to you guys the summer was pretty weak in terms of what we’ve had to watch on Netflix but they just uploaded a ton of great horror movies so while I picked out five of my favorites there’s actually a whole lot more than I’m talking about today so if you want to see more videos on what you can watch on Netflix.

The Void

Let me know down in the comments we’re going to start right out with The Void, from Stephen Kaczynski and Jeremy Gillespie, which came out last year technically in a very limited theatre release but has really gained prominence. It was this year when it released on a bunch of different digital platforms and if I had to boil this one down it’s a straight-up call back to classic 80s horror movies and it has a ton of incredible practical effects.

If I ranked it on the practical effects alone I’d give it an A+ but I really didn’t like the plot them but the first half of the movie is typically great, a bunch of people get trapped in a local hospital that looks like it’s straight out of the older Halloween movies and then it kind of launches them to this dimension-hopping metaphysical type deal that just really didn’t work for me it takes a very hard left turn pretty much right in the middle of movie but I do think this movie is worth watching based on the practical effects alone and the fact that it calls back to movies that we all probably cherish.

Devil’s Candy

The next movie on our list is from IFC midnight and it’s called the Devil’s Candy this one was originally released in 2015 but IFC midnight bought it and released it this year like I said this movie stars Ethan Embry and his wife and his daughter. They move out into this country house which they definitely shouldn’t be able to afford that they get it on a steal which you know is a pretty telling sign of what you’re about to get into, but I won’t spoil any of THAT.

Right at the beginning you find out that Pruitt tailored Vincent’s character used to live in the house and he has kind of had a psychological lapse and it is not good this movie is less than 90 minutes long which is kind of weird considering how the dark tower turned out but it’s visceral its raw and it’s quick pace actually works there’s some insane imagery in this movie and the heartfelt plot reminded me of the comic Witches which was incredible.

So if you’re going to pick one movie on this list I highly recommend the Devil’s Candy. It hit pretty much all the marks.

It Follows

Third on the list we have one of my favorite horror movies of all time, It Follows. Definitely check the vid for an excellent take on this one, but to sum it up, this is a curse-based movie that revolves around an STD motif. It sounds stupid at first glance, but this is actually a competent horror movie I’d recommend to anyone. Genuinely spooky moments, likable characters, an 80s classic horror vibe (even the music), and solid plot.

Cheap Thrills

Fourth on the list we have Cheap Thrills, a kind of more of a dark gory thriller than a horror movie but I really liked it. This one came out in 2014 and as far as I know this is the first time we’ve seen this one on Netflix and I love it. You’ve definitely heard of David Koechner before and now you know about Ethan Embry but if you haven’t heard of Pat Healy he was in ty West movie the innkeeper’s he works with him a lot and I really like him as an actor. He’s just kind of got this cool attitude to him or he’s always down in the dumps and that plays really well for every movie he’s in.

Anyway in this movie David Costner’s character pays Ethan Embry’s character and Patty Lee’s character to do an increasingly insane amount of things for much the stuff to do ranges anywhere from really funny to incredibly gross and I won’t spoil any of it because it’s just worth seeing on your own.


The fifth movie on my list is Clown and it has a really weird story. The first weird thing about it is that it was made in 2013 but it sat on a shelf for three years until it was released on blu-ray last year that, which happens a lot with horror movies but in this case it turned out to be a really good movie which almost never happens. So that’s pretty cool.

The other weird thing is how it was made so a group of friends set out to make a fake trailer for a movie where a guy finds a clown suit and puts it on but it turns out his demons skin and takes over his body right at the beginning of the trailer they put produced by Eli Roth. Now Eli Roth didn’t produce a trailer but he did see the trailer and that inspired him to produce the movie which has the same plot, but all different actors so the twist of the movie is that the only way to get the clown suit off is to eat five children I’m not going to say any more than that about the plot but what I will say is that the practical effects in this movie are amazing. The blood the gore, everything about it just looks really good especially for a movie that’s now four years old the plot is actually pretty heartfelt too, and the monster looks really good even though it’s the clown which seems kind of dumb it turned out great. As an added bonus Peter Stormare is in this one he’s one of my favorite actors and you definitely know who he is if you’ve seen Fargo, Twin Peaks, or American Gods that’s just scratching the surface on what he’s been and he’s an incredible actor.

So there you have it guys that’s five of the best horror movies on Netflix right now if you like this list you should definitely let me know by dropping a comment, and give props to the original poster.