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Coinbase Next Coins – These Are Probably The Next 4

What’s going on guys so today I wanted to go over a couple things first I want to go over what I think coin basis next coins are going to be and why I actually have a little bit of evidence and follow along and let me know what you think.

I really truly think this is a very very solid piece of evidence that I know what the next coins are now we’re at one hundred and thirty seven point eight billion dollar market caps so we are going up, which is great sign everybody should be happy.

Whatever coins you’re holding some are up some are down Bitcoin is leading the charge as always go ahead and put your waves address below we are building the chill project which is blocked change marketing platform and we’re giving out free chill for viewers of our channel so go ahead and subscribe as well but let’s just go dive right into what I think the next coins listed on coinbase are going to be so just in the past couple months or so there was an article saying you know Brian the founder of coinbase saying hey we want to make coinbase the entry for digital tokens and we want tokens you know I think you mentioned eight or so tokens so don’t quote me on that number eight but he wants to have more than three tokens so you can already see the evolution we had Bitcoin that we got there um then we got litecoin on coinbase all right so they want to dominate this space they just raised a ton of money in Silicon Valley that they’re they’re the god company for crypto currencies.

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