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Evergreen Coin (EGC) Price Predictions – STRONG BUY

Hello everyone hope everyone is doing today I wanted to evaluate a new coin that I think has a lot of potential and it’s called evergreen coin so evergreen coin has been around for a couple of years since 2016 and it is dedicated obviously through being socially conscious and energy efficient so the first thing about this coin is that it already has its wallet and implementation it has a dual algorithm the x-15 proof of work and the proof of stay again it’s a very generous proof aesthetic that pays out 7% to its stakeholders now the reason I really like this point is I think there’s going to be some rapid growth coming here at the end of the year.

I think that’s going to give a huge potential so the problem issue now with cryptocurrencies is the incredible energy waste that’s going on in a lot of mining farms and evergreen comes out of really strong the dev team is it’s incredible it’s probably the most honest people have come across so far in the cryptocurrency world I’ll show you guys this chart here that I’ll pull up so as you see it’s getting it’s getting more and more attention I think that now is the best time to get in if you look at the charts right now evergreen is sitting around 24 cents and I think by the end of the year probably all at sooner we’re going to see at 80 cents at least going close to a dollar so get in where you can.

I know the past week we’ve seen a lot of rapid growth it’s held steady for the past a year and now with a whole big switch to the soul of renewable energy I mean that’s huge check out their website they have a slack account very active on social media everything is super clean on this website on this coin so let’s see anyway evergreen is quickly winning my heart over its going to be in my new top 3 a small cap cryptocurrencies to look at right now it has a 3.2 million dollar market cap and about a million dollar 24 hour volume so it’s a solid coin to get into any I just want to take a short video on evergreen if you guys have any questions please post them I’m going to put the of the website and all of the kind of information in the description thank you.

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