Google + Apple Partner For Crypto Browser Extensions: BTC World Update

Everyone welcome back to our crypto news, and we’re coming off of China banning ICO including down some exchanges are actually seeing today that Japan has now become over 50% of the market share of bitcoins brand-new development as they take the lead.

We’re trying to kind of stumble, I think we’re gonna continue to see a government come in and try to regulate cryptocurrency. Other than the bill there is a bill put forward by that’s wonderful news their function to work with the application extension would pull up a QR code and you could pay directly there is concern however between the decentralized parties that are all decentralization and not giving companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple are controlling power by showing them our private keys that they might not be very good at keeping those files confidential.

So I want to give you a heads up that is kind of positive for the mainstream but when you’re calling it a double-edged sword also it looks like we’re gonna get a theorem to release metropolis the Testament version officially going live as early as Monday so very positive news for theory as we get major upgrades with the biz and Byzantium upgrade.

Be careful guys with banks I saw one user on reddit who talked about how he went into his Bank of America account and it was shut down he couldn’t get access to it it’s spent time with over three people on the phone explain to them that that it was a legit account when they thought it was a fraudulent account sending bad check activity in the process and things like that but it goes to show you why it’s important to be your own back guys so make sure you take decent precaustions when aggressively trading.

Alts I’m big on this week: EGC, PINK, and XRP.

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