Narcissism Anger Culture

Narcissism and Anger Culture

Spatial awareness is one of those skills that’s a blessing in disguise. It’s like putting on a special visor that let’s you see past the veil of nonsense that covers so much of this society.

Personality flaws and driving motives in others become glaringly obvious, for better or worse. 

Even the least bit of awareness opens up this bizarre world of anger and narcissism that seems to permeate a lot of our society at the moment. 

My best advice I can give on this subject is don’t succumb to it, don’t feed into it, don’t take part in it, and just do you. Society has programmed a great deal of people with the idea that their anger has to be internalized and turned into part of their identity. 

We now have throngs of people running around that wear their narcissism like a badge of honor, and they trample anyone who gets in their way. Facts, logic, or morals be damned.

The Anger Culture is a sign of great mental malignancy in the world around us. So many people are invested in their own anger, and you see this nearly everywhere you go these days. Finding genuinely happy people is getting increasingly difficult in a world that is built on narcissism.

Happiness and Peace of Mind is Your Job, Not Anyone Else’s

How to avoid getting sucked into to other people’s patterns of anger?

Simple, diffuse their energy.

This is a skill that will help you in all phases of life, from business, to personal.

Remember, when you deal with narcissists, they are working from a standpoint of energy dynamics. Everything boils down to an energy transaction with these people. That’s why some people call them “energy vampires.”

So regardless of what type of reaction you give them, they don’t care. As long as you give them a reaction.

Your job is to avoid giving them a reaction altogether. Never feed a narcissist, especially an angry one. It only creates a cycle of dependency where they continue to come to you or gravitate toward you because they know that’s where they can get their fix.

It doesn’t matter if you placate them, console them, entertain them, yell at them, or get offended by them. They’ll take any of those reactions any day, because it means their energy ploy worked.

Your job is to control your mind and emotions at all times. This is not just a sign of self-mastery, it’s a sign of basic maturity. Your body and mind are yours to control, and if you relinquish that control, there are hundreds of people around you that will gladly take up that control on your behalf and control your body and mind for you.

This is not the scenario you want. Ever.

So first of all, you have to diffuse the situation from the start by not providing energy. Control yourself, don’t feed into what people are trying to rope you into.

I should note, it’s not always obvious. This goes for any interaction with anyone, but it’s more important in situations of narcissism.

Control what you are giving out at all times. If you do not want to be a part of the situation, leave it. If you are being coaxed into a conversation, end it.

No one owns your time. No one owns your energy. And no one is owed your reactions or input on anything. Got it?

Energy Diffusion Tactics

Simple life lesson time. What are some techniques for energy diffusion?

  • Don’t explain yourself. Give only yes or no answers.
  • Say what you mean and nothing else.
  • Never placate.
  • Interrupt a diatribe with curt facts.
  • Don’t be afraid to end a conversation or force someone to leave a conversation. Remember, this is your time and your energy.
  • Don’t speak fast like you are trying to get a point in quickly. Make them act on your time, not the other way around.
  • Never beg, request, supplicate, etc.
  • Never appeal to emotion.

If you master the control of your own time and energy in a conversation, you will win the battle in any conversation with an angry, disgruntled narcissist.

Keeping in mind that these are universal energy techniques that are good advice to use in just about any conversation, especially in business matters. There is never any reason why you should relinquish control during an energy exchange.

Your time is worth something. Don’t let others waste it with their fake problems, and certainly don’t feed into their problems by supplying meaningless conversation and more energy. They will always come back for more.

Decoding Anger Culture

Remember, many people in this society want to be angry. It’s part of their identity. They would be lost without it.

When you encounter anger in your everyday life, diffusion is always the best answer.

The ability to halt a person’s energy advances is high level life mastery. It means you not only have control of your own mind and emotions, but it means you dictate what you allow in your personal space.

This is pure power. Keep in mind that part of narcissism, the fear of real power and awareness.

Anger arises in part because of feelings of inadequacy. When an ego feels that it lacks power, and can’t control or bend its surroundings to its will, it manifests as anger. Anger, especially as it pertains to narcissism, is the outward display of frustration over not being in control.

When you take that power dynamic away from them you “win” automatically.

The entire reason why anger is used as a power grab tactic is because a narcissist hopes you will feed in. They want their frustration to be coddled and met with attention. After all, what is uncontrolled outbursts of emotion but cries for help anyway?

Always remain in control and sure of yourself. Be ever in a mindful state. Diffuse any and all attempts to grab or manipulate your energy or attention. Even if this means wandering into another room casually when an energy vampire is talking to you. Your space is yours to control. Always.

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