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NEW SERIES: Let’s Survive The Pirates of Dark Water

The time has come, our new series is here at last. I actually managed to cram this into my schedule, because torturing myself trying to beat retro Sega games is something I’ve always aspired to do (not joking?) We’re kicking off the series with Pirates of Dark Water, an action platformer that used to give me hell when I played years ago.

There’s actually a ton of reasons why I wanted to trudge through this game. One, it’s got fast-paced gameplay that I remember enjoying. It’s got decent music, somewhat intriguing levels, and of course a difficulty that should make things interesting down the stretch. I honestly don’t even know if I’m capable of beating it, but that’s part of the thrill (??).

I’ll be including links to each part as they come out right here, so keep checking back:

Part 1: It All Started With a Monkey-Bird

Part 2: Cursed Mountains and Rough Seas

Part 3: Welcome to Platforming Hell

Want to get updated on when the next installments are coming out? I don’t have a set schedule, but you’ll have a pretty good idea when this crap gets released if you’re following me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/crimsonsigil

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