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We’re back with another Crypto update, you know things have been crazy. Today we’re going over the top 4 hidden gem crypto pics these are my personal taxes aren’t going to be everybody’s favorites but these are my personal top 4 hidden gems in crypto sphere right now that I think are either way undervalued they are going to break out soon or they’re just really solid technology and I want to be a personal Wester in them and that third point is important because it applies to this first coin 8px now if you get a coin market cap and you look at a px you’ll see that ATX itself actually doesn’t really act as a coin it acts as a share in the company that is a basically crypto mining conglomeration conglomerate and you go to the website it doesn’t really tell you much and that’s why this is a hidden gem because you really have to look out there and go through kind of you know secret passages of the internet to actually find what this this company is all about and basically yeah it’s a company that’s mining cryptocurrency and as soon as everything gets funded and they go live in about two months they’re going to start sharing the profits of all of their coins in the circulating supply is seven hundred and seventy seven thousand and they continue to burn supply this thing is going to skyrocket once they find the perfect coin to mine I’m sure they’re already working on that 24/7 as well but this thing is definitely a coin that basically nobody knows about I’ve asked plenty of people even though it’s a Ubik token it’s just not known at all and nobody really knows what they’re doing because you go to the website it doesn’t even tell you what they’re doing it just says website coming soon so I’ve dug into the trenches and found out what they’re doing and that’s why it’s personally a pretty big investment of mine just it’s kind of a risk but I mean since I have over a thousand of the supply I have like a hundred 101 777th of the entire company’s profit margins so if they continue to make good profits I’ll be making good profits as well as holding the coin or the equity of the company which I can sell in the future so next we have crown now crowns a little bit of a different story I actually bought crown right before it broke out and then I sold at the peaks in around 45 K and I made a really solid profit off of that.

This thing looks absolutely lucrative I bought it when it was I don’t even know long it secular maybe not even half the current price a dollar or something but let’s look at the current supply and you’ll see that it is a hundred million so we got 100 million circulating supply we got a 264 million market cap for an entire exchange just imagine the I can’t remember what the bitch Rex market cap is total Bitcoin volume I think yesterday’s about on average is about 100 million or 100,000 Bitcoin so a hundred thousand Bitcoin versus 64,000 Bitcoin of the absolute total market cap of this coin it’s going to be absolutely double everything that’s going to go to five dollars and it’s still not that well known so I want to get that out there as another hidden Djinn and finally we have bytom BTM this is another one where you can only buy it on buy notes with aetherium so number one it’s got that barrier to entry not a lot of people like buying with theory and period terrors number two not a lot of people just there not a lot of people like buying on buying it because it’s a new site it’s not as trusted it’s not a new site but it’s newly popular site and it’s not as trusted because it’s not like a bit tricks or something a big exchange you know it’s raising in a market cap and it’s raising popularity people still don’t trust it so you look at B team you try them and this thing has actually gone down in price and gotten really cheap over the last few days you see it’s got a large circulating supply and a large total supply but the market cap is still on there 152 million that’s actually pretty large you think oh so why are people buying it because people aren’t understanding what this thing can actually do this thing I mean I’m not going to say it’s you know it’s going to be another neo alright now there’s a bunch of Chinese shit talking to me get off the website I’m not saying is going to be on the Neo but look at how this held its price over the past few days a lot of people just aren’t getting into it’s not getting pumped and it’s only being sold on Finance for I mean for people that don’t have Chinese yen so I mean of those Chinese aren’t on this real heavy you put the United States and European countries just aren’t getting in on this and I think we absolutely can I think they’re in on this because it’s lucrative and I think we should as well so yeah thank you guys for watching those have been my top four hidden gem coins so look into them see if you should invest in them not I’m not saying to blindly invest in these coins just because I made a list I’m saying look into them see if they’re for you because I bought into all these coins because they’re for me because I believe in the technology because I believe in people who have suggested some of the coins me I found some of the coins myself and I just think they look really great they’re going to be really lucrative for the future so thank you guys for watching this been the crypto Oracle if you would like go ahead and click the subscribe button if you’d like to see more videos more you know weekly picks and more live streams everything like that and definitely like the video as well.

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