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TOP 5 Coins | Crypto News You NEED To Know ๐Ÿ™Œ

We’re to bring you everything crypto related where the rich never sleep. Today we’re gonna be talking about the top five coins of the past week and some of the major news over the past week just a couple of things before we start and I want to keep this separate going forward I know as someone mentioned you know so I just full-time this is my full-time job cryptocurrency so I do need to make a living and I do sell some products I have a course over on udemy one on one appointments etc so I’m gonna try to keep them separate from the actual video so either before or after so for starters I have basically three different levels of entry sort of with with what I what I do I have a course over on udemy if you’re brand new to cryptocurrency that’s the best place to start. Ten bucks you’ll get everything you need to know you can get that link in the description below or in the banner of my youtube profile if you are looking for technical analysis learning how to use wallets or just some of the more technical things that you have or maybe you want to check in under your pop for pulled forward their portfolio once or twice a month you can schedule one-on-one appointments.

I’m gonna be not covering in-depth tutorials such as how to use wallets and stuff as much as I have been and I’m gonna be sharing more of the major news because I think that’s more important for you guys and how to address you know your investments and I mentioned that I would be covering iota and how to use their wallet recently and we’re gonna talk more about iota as part of the news this week but I won’t be making a video on how to use the IO to wallet though I’ll share more information about that if you’re looking to learn how to use it you can schedule a one-on-one appointment with me but we’re gonna talk a little bit more about that and then lastly we have the moon lounge we have a couple of spots open left if you’re interested and you want to pay via cryptocurrency email me at crypto sonic at gmail.com that is basically access to my past my present and my future trades and what I can I expand my webcam the full screen well we’re will be going over some news in a second I’ll make it bigger for just a moment.

let me know if that is a little bit larger you guys can ask questions as we go along I’ll be answering some of towards the end of the video additionally what was I gonna say so you get access to all my trades I’m gonna be posting daily what I do when I enter an exit a position and Kryptos omni AK is is basically a company I have a partner here that is also very largely invest in crypto and we agree I’m pretty much done all of our trades together so you don’t get just access to me really access to both of us he has about double my portfolio so we’ve bounced a lot of ideas off each other and we you know we agree on a lot of trades so you get a lot of access and a lot of information and if you want to pay via credit card you can pay doing that using the patreon link in the description below or click the icon in the banner of my youtube profile so that that’s pretty much what the moon lounge is hopefully you guys you know answer all the questions it starts September 1st it will be it’ll be done on reddit so if you want to prepare we’re gonna be posting things on reddit because when you have it in telegram I noticed all the chat notifications when I post a trade just get pushed up to the top and you have to go into your phone scroll up and you don’t know you know what’s going on you don’t know what the trades are about you have to scroll up and find them so we’re gonna put it on reddit and that platform could change in the future but depending upon what you know what what’s what what’s best I guess and it makes the most sense so huge delay on audio video I wonder why delay is real I don’t think there should be delay anyone let me know if there’s delay I don’t think there should be delay so what again I want to try and keep all these these products and things separate from the actual information that’s valuable for you guys so we’ll do this at the beginning and at the end at the end so let’s get into what is new and cryptocurrency in the top five yes it is I wonder why that is the case today well I’m gonna move myself back down to the corner of the screen and we’ll take a look at that later so anyway let’s get into it the top five coins of the week so let me scroll down where did I throw this all right so at number 5 we have Liske coming in at 3 dollars and 49 cents now this is the top 5 performing crypto currencies of the last week in the top 50 I only like to cover the top 50 a lot of coins outside of the top 50 you know don’t have the structure and stuff behind them Liske is at 349 up 60% almost on the week and what that is is that it’s built off the etherion blockchain and they allow people to program in a language more compatible than then solidity aetherium requires you to have background knowledge and solidity which is a difficult program to learn and I believe they use Java so you can program in Java on the blockchain and they have a rebranding taking place in the beginning of September drought risk is something that I am invested in so I could I do expect to see more increase over the next couple of weeks at number four we have our cat $1 65 Ark is really cool too I like Ark a lot they are bridging the gap between the the users of you know basically they bridge the gap in the blockchain world they help such as a lot of the the companies such as 10x this week Minako district o X which we’ll be talking about a lot of these companies that bridge the gap between blockchain technology and the real world because a lot of real people don’t actually care too much about how blockchain works they just want to know and see the benefits of it and we’re gonna be talking more about Ark in a couple of days but Ark really helps to do that so we’re gonna be covering more of that in a couple of days but it’s up 88% on the week at number three we have Bitcoin cash which has seen a major increase in price the past week due to debate there basically the mining difficulty there’s a graph somewhere now I’m sorry I don’t have it right now but the graph there’s a mining difficulty that the the crop the paths have crossed so the mining difficulty and the rewards given out for Bitcoin versus Bitcoin cash have crossed and it’s now more profitable to mine Bitcoin cash essentially than Bitcoin and that has a lot to do with Segway and the hard fork and the structure of all these dynamic pieces basically coming together.

So we saw a large increase in price and this is going to be pretty important over the next couple of weeks because if we see a lot of the hash power go over towards Bitcoin cash and miners basically supporting Bitcoin cash instead of Bitcoin. Bitcoins price could actually plummet now I don’t when I say plummet I don’t want to scare or send people into fear I don’t think well you know go back to the thousands you know sub 1,000 mark but we could see significant price decreases depending upon what’s happening we have a lot of news coming up on Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin the next couple of months of potential hard fork in November again so just something to note again Bitcoin cash is up very large and depending upon which exchange you have it on it’s price has fluctuated pretty wildly so and and that’s because not all the exchanges are supporting it yet so we have a lot of different price prices on depending upon which exchange you’re trading it on district o X which I’ll be covering a lot the next couple of weeks I’m very bullish on district o X one of my favorite coins at the moment it is basically a marketplace for blockchain so you can move a lot of things that we have on market places such as things like Ticketmaster or uber or freelance sites which is up work and we’ll be talking more about it in detail coming up but district o X really helps you I’ll save more for district o X in a video in the next couple of days so it’s up a lot over the past week up a hundred and seventy five percent it’s been recently added to by Nance it’ll be on by Nance in the next day or two as well as bit treks in the next couple of weeks bye Nance coin finance coin is the number one coin rolling out the top five of the week it is at 267 at this moment up 260 percent on the week because there are Chinese exchange and they added a lot of popular Chinese coins that the Chinese didn’t have access to such as 10x they recently added as I mentioned district o X neo gas is being traded on there a lot of different coins that are being added over the next the weeks or already that the Chinese didn’t really have access to and the Chinese are a huge market so we’re seeing a lot of price increases on the coins being added to buy Nance as well as the buy Nance coin itself so good news there for the top five so that’s gonna round it out and I want to cover some of the big news articles of the past week we’re gonna start with metropolis so metropolis is the scheduled update is a hard fort plan for aetherium now hard fort this is a scheduled hard fort this was built into the basically roadmap of aetherium so you can’t really compare it to the Bitcoin cash and the Bitcoin hard fork or the etherium in the etherium of the classic hard fork this was anticipated so this in fact III seek or are I think will drive up price etherium is having a number of basically upgrades as when metropolis hits so you can read more about it here basically they’re gonna improve security improve smart contracts as well as well they have something I’m gonna cover in a separate article they’ve also added plasma or seeking to have plasma which is sort of like the light coin equivalent of Bitcoin but again metropolis is a major upgrade it’s the third of basically four major upgrades scheduled in the roadmap for aetherium Casper will be the fourth and final which seeks to move a theorem from proof of work to proof of stake which will be towards the end of next year or beginning of next.


I actually wanted to point out about blockchain technology in general I just watched a documentary last night on Netflix called what was it called it was called banking on Bitcoin so I’m gonna Google that here it is on Netflix and let me make sure this is it let me watch the second trailer had to be dealt yeah this was it so this was a really good documentary on blockchain technology it’s not rated extremely highly here on IMDB but I found it very interesting and it really dumbs down blockchain technology into a level that you can understand it basically explains the real world impact that blotching has a lot of people think that blockchain and Bitcoin are associated with drugs etc and if you’re tuning in here that’s probably not you you probably have a little bit more knowledge on Bitcoin but this is a great documentary to share with your girlfriend if she has no idea what blockchain technology is a Bitcoin if you know she doesn’t know what it is it’ll make her it’ll enable her to be able to understand it you could share it with your parents it really is a good documentary a very high level and basically helps to make you understand how it all works and how it originated and all the cool stuff that we have coming with blockchain technology because it really is life-changing it is really the future of of not only money but the way and the way a lot of businesses in the future can be structured and it can really automate a lot of things and it has tremendous potential I mean we talk and cover blockchain technology here every day so great documentary to look at I would highly recommend it it’s on Netflix something you can show your parents or girlfriend what else do we have here we’re gonna cover neo so neo tanked a lot this week it’s down 22% and I don’t want to say tanked it’s more of a correction neo is we’ve been covering neo a lot here lately neo is a smart contract based platform in China that is sort of competes with not necessarily competes with the theorem but it’s very similar to a theorem now this is a healthy correction in my opinion take a look at this graph here we were down at 6 bucks not even a full month ago this is July 28th and we are not it’s not even August 28th yeah and we are up about forty forty dollars right now my calculator go $40 divided by six that’s up six point six six six six six six so like 666 some percent from its original value and we were up as high as 55 so this is a correction you know not a not a tank not a plummet neo is still a very safe investment I’m extremely bullish on it I highly suggest buying it now while it’s cheap during the dip this again is a coin to hold for the long term the dividend payout system is really cool it is an awesome piece of technology we have a lot of icy O’s launching on in the coming future a Dex a de X one of the first ones we have read post coming up which I want to talk about I just purchased into the Agrella ICEA which was launched off a neo a lot of cool technology coming out and could really be very similar to aetherium and its major bull runs and all the ICS we saw off of aetherium being launched so take a look at neo if you haven’t already it’s a great time to buy you more and accumulate more this isn’t a tanking this is a correction guys you can’t get these type of returns in the stock market you can’t get these type of returns virtually anywhere so you can’t be upset that neo didn’t hit 100 bucks this week this is normal I’m very excited and you know you should all be happy if he bought in like I did at $1 so just be very happy and keep an eye on neo there’s a lot of great things to come this is a great time to accumulate more neo what else do we have we have district o X which I’m going to be talking about in the next couple of days and covering it in more detail but it is essentially it is essentially a marketplace for a lot of different I guess services that we have already out there so what they want to do is again there are basically bridging the gap between the real world and blockchain they have a really easy setup to use platform where you can basically start a marketplace or what they call a district and any entrepreneur can basically come in and easily start a company on it they make it very user friendly you don’t have to know blockchain programming they just they allow you to use what they’ve already built they’ve already built a system which allows you to come in and plug in and play on this network you can move things such as you know up work or eBay to the blockchain where you can have everything be peer-to-peer you don’t have to have a governing party you know controlling eBay or corporation you can operate on a peer-to-peer network things like uber can be moved to this system and make things not only more efficient but cheaper less overhead fees less transaction costs and it’s really going to be the future in my opinion for blockchain technology a lot of these things that aid or facilitate in being able to adopt blockchain in the mainstream or in the real world are really going to be successful that’s why we see things like excuse me 10x o me say go doing really well they are basically facilitating a lot of this blockchain stuff and basically making it really easy so easily you know adopted in the real world so we’re gonna cover more about district X in the videos to come so if you’re not a subscriber already hit that subscribe button and we’ll be covering district x.

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