Ghost House 2017 | Temple 2017 | Horror Movie Review


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It’s October, and that means horror. We’re going to be featuring a few awesome movie reviews over the next week, because why not?

All right let’s talk Ghost House this movie takes place in Bangkok Thailand, and the horror starts right away with someone being victimized in an alley.

I like that if you haven’t seen the trailer this is a movie about an American couple vacationing in Thailand and completely ignoring the cultural traditions and not taking things seriously when they are warmed about ghosts so you know what happens next. After hanging around in the city for a while they meet two British dudes who are shady as heck because the very first thing they say to the girl is oh that’s an expensive ring you got on and I’m thinking to myself they’re sizing you up for a con job but they trusted them and go off into the woods with them instead of sticking with the Asian tour guy that they had who knew his way around.

Check out the video for info on Temple, and definitely catch these movies if you haven’t already. I’m a horror junkie so I’ve got a list of these things to watch after this.