Self-Discipline Training is Your Secret Weapon

Self-Discipline Training

Right now, the bar is set pretty low. If you have the self-discipline to stay focused and grind a little toward your goals, you’re going to outperform 99% of the competition on that alone.

The key part of this that is difficult for most people is, actually cultivating the discipline.

We live in the most undisciplined age in history. It’s simply the way society is structured.

There’s an overload of pointless time-sinks and endless amounts of data to consume, and most of it is garbage.

Add to the fact that physical mastery is something alien to most people, and you have the recipe for mediocrity.

The question is not whether you have what it takes to be disciplined and get shit done. I know you do.

The real problem is getting the right information to learn how.

Empty Your Mind

There is a great likelihood that you have been fed a lot of nonsense about just what you need to do in order to be successful and get anywhere in life.

Your parents have told you one thing, your friends another. Society teaches you to walk a path that almost always results in dead ends and closed doors.

Then there’s the online marketing world, which is the Wild West. The Internet in general is a kind of lawless realm where fact is more of a nuisance than anything.

Whole industries bank on you never having the willpower or capacity to think for yourself and actually do any research or fact-finding.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than the “make money online” sphere, where there’s nothing but a sea of sharks trying to take a bite out of the next man, while they peddle their own lukewarm and haphazard tactics.

Before teaching yourself what you need to know, you would do well with a mental cleanse. You need to empty your mind.

Forget everything you think you know about success, marketing, health, and the world around you, and allow yourself to start with a clean slate.

Navigating all of the different preconceived notions people have is a hassle I gave up long ago. There is no fighting programming.

You simply have to toss the programming out.

This is most effectively done by practicing basic meditation.

You should start making it a habit to loosen the grip your ego has over your behaviors. Don’t think and act based on your preconceived notions and “opinions.”

Rather, allow things to be as they are, process the information, and respond accordingly.

Pay attention to this, it’s gold I’m dropping in your lap for free.

It takes years, sometimes even decades, for some people to grasp this. Your own thoughts are your limitations.

When you meditate, practice breathing slowly and evenly through the nose. Make sure you fill your diaphragm, and allow any thoughts that pop into your head just pass.

It’s time to start taking control and responsibility of what’s inside your head.

The Benefits of Discipline

He who is master of the Self is master of his own life.

In other words, if you have control over your own thoughts and actions, life becomes a hell of a lot easier.

You may be thinking though, “of course I’m in control of my own life!”

But are you?

How many of your thoughts and actions are based on things like preconceived notions, baseless opinions, and emotions triggered from repressed events?

Just how in control are most people?

It’s a question I’ve been pursuing my whole life, and I can say with fair certainty at this point, that most people aren’t in control at all. In fact they are sleeping at the wheel.

This is because data overload, opinion culture, and the unbalanced nature of modern society leads to overdeveloped egos. The unfortunate truth is, many of us are letting our ego-minds steer the ship, and we wonder why we aren’t as successful, happy, and healthy as we wish we’d be. 

Well of course we’re not. The ego thrives off of polarity and competition. Its existence is built on an edifice of lies to begin with, misconceptions and delusions about the world.

To put it another way, the ego is like a patchwork or mosaic of all the different chunks of nonsense that you believed were necessary to cope in the world as you grew up.

Eventually if it is allowed to get big enough, we associate with our egos rather than ourselves, which means our Identity becomes that patchwork.

In this environment, there is very little room for truth and contentment.

More often than not it’s the opposite.

When you say no to this insanity and begin disciplining your mind and body, you are basically tearing down this edifice.

This is why self-work is often called a transformation. The “old” you may have been primarily constructed out of opinions and nonsense. It’s not real.

When you discipline the mind and body, you not only become physically and mentally stronger, you tear down the ego and become balanced.

There’s no point in investing in anything but discipline before you embark on a business venture or anything else significant. You’re only going to be climbing uphill if you go unprepared.

The difference, you may find, is stark.

I remember when I first started training, how quickly I matured and grew appreciative for life.

When I was young, I was very apathetic about most things. Rarely happy, dumb as a brick, and only marginally aware.

The idea of mastery intrigued me. I did not think I was physically or mentally capable of doing great things at the time. I was scrawny, uncoordinated, and dull.

I say this to bring home the point that anyone, from any walk of life or countenance, can see dramatic results by disciplining their mind and body.

Only a few months into my modest training, I was stronger, quicker, had far more endurance, and most importantly, a healthier view and understanding of life.

I went from an easily worked up weakling to a calm, spatially aware confident young man who could break cinder blocks in half with his feet and meditate uninterrupted for hours at a time.

My quality of life shot up so far and so fast that I scarcely recognized the “old me.”

This is the power of taking responsibility for your Self and actually training your mind and body. I had essentially found the Holy Grail.

Join the 1%

I guess it goes without saying that practically no one is doing this.

Look around you whenever you go shopping or to an event. Your competition is weak-willed, shallow, easily triggered by the most asinine things, couldn’t do a single pull up, has the spatial awareness of a potato, and has no intuition or kinetic faculties to speak of.

So what’s your excuse? Why aren’t you where you want to be in life? Why aren’t you making money or forming lasting relationships with great people? Why aren’t you manifesting your dreams?

You mean to tell me you’re getting outperformed by everyone around you?

There is no secret formula or recipe for success. 

However, if you could point to any one thing and say, “this is what will produce the best results in your life, guaranteed,” then it is mental and physical discipline.

You have to take back control of your life.

Bulletproof Mind by Matthew Lovett

I developed the Bulletproof Mind training program because for one, I wanted to impart to other people what I’ve learned over the years. I’ve been studying meditation techniques, martial arts, yoga, and other self-mastery exercises for nearly fifteen years at this point, from hundreds of different sources.

The absurdity of it still strikes me to this day, how scattered and hidden good information is in our society. If you want real teachings on how to improve your life, you have to do a lot of digging to get past the fluff. I’ve probably read tens of thousand of forgettable words just to find a sentence worth passing on. So eliminating this problem for others has been a long time goal of mine.

My second goal in developing this program was to simply provide an easy to read resource that just about anyone can pick up and use to unfuck their life and actually begin to manifest their goals.

There are certainly many such training programs out there, but many of them don’t shoot high enough. I should know, I’ve bought and read a plethora of them, and tried them for myself.

Most training programs still work from a “low-rung” standpoint. Basic physical exercise routines, generic advice, some motivational fluff.

Yes this stuff could help a lot of people, because the bar is set so low,  but do you really want to stop when you figure out how to bench your own weight or when you finally can do ten pull-ups?

There’s a lot more to self-mastery than making your muscles strong.

You need mental elasticity, spatial awareness, patience, tougher skin (physically and metaphorically), greater understanding of your biological needs, the ability to discern truth.

This is self-mastery: transformation at the core. Only a comprehensive approach to mental and physical discipline can yield such results.

Thankfully, Bulletproof Mind has it all in one place.

Not only does it cover physical exercises that will give you a workout like you’ve never had before (without even needing weights), but you will learn how to control your mind, process trauma, feel your own energy (and read others’ energy), and improve your primal instincts.

Isn’t it about time you stopped making excuses and joined the 1%? Are you sick of falling short of your goals and not getting what you want out of life?

That’s what drove me to change in the first place, and I never looked back.

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