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best altcoins buy now 2018

Best Altcoins Worth Investing In Right Now

The crypto market has been turbulent as ever, and traders everywhere are asking, what are the best altcoins to invest in? This can be especially harrowing when you realize new altcoins are popping up every day. Now that we see Bitcoin correcting itself after the Bitcoin Gold fork, be prepared for Altcoins to make a push once again. Many alts are expected to rise in value over the next couple of months as everybody waits to see what will happen with the various Bitcoin platforms. This is not to say that Bitcoin isn’t a sound investment right now – I […]
Best Netflix Horror 2017

Best Netflix Horror Movies 2017

There’s still more horror movie madness to tackle before October ends, so I’m here to tell you about five of the best horror movies you can watch on Netflix right now. I won’t lie to you guys the summer was pretty weak in terms of what we’ve had to watch on Netflix but they just uploaded a ton of great horror movies so while I picked out five of my favorites there’s actually a whole lot more than I’m talking about today so if you want to see more videos on what you can watch on Netflix. The Void Let […]
How to Build an Email List in 2018

How to Build Your Email List in 2018

Times are changing and if you don’t keep up, you’re going to be left in the dust in 2018. This philosophy can be applied to most things, but nowhere is it more accurate than in the world of digital businesses and agencies. In order to outpace the competition, have your voice heard in the oversaturated markets, and deliver a superior product to your customers and clients, you have to stay ahead of the pack.  Of course, in order to do that, you have to actually be landing clients and customers in the first place, and that is also an ever-changing […]

Ghost House 2017 | Temple 2017 | Horror Movie Review

It’s October, and that means horror. We’re going to be featuring a few awesome movie reviews over the next week, because why not? All right let’s talk Ghost House this movie takes place in Bangkok Thailand, and the horror starts right away with someone being victimized in an alley. I like that if you haven’t seen the trailer this is a movie about an American couple vacationing in Thailand and completely ignoring the cultural traditions and not taking things seriously when they are warmed about ghosts so you know what happens next. After hanging around in the city for a […]
why do I have haters

Success Breeds Contempt (Why You Should Be Glad You Have Haters)

It’s somewhat stereotypical to talk about haters if you’re an entrepreneur. After all, it comes with the territory. I still see people being held back by haters though, or the fear of having them at the very least. I’m here to tell you that they are the least of your problems, and that you should embrace them.  You Should Strive to Unify, But You Can’t Unify Everyone Creating a brand and running an online business or providing some kind of service or product for others is a long process that usually hinges on your ability to connect with people. What […]
bitcoin explodes past 5000

Bitcoin EXPLODES Past $5000 and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know to Start Trading

Late to the Bitcoin party? Worry not, you’re in good hands. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that cryptocurrency is currently one of the hottest topics. Indeed, it’s one of the most searched for terms in Google over the summer, and continues to gain in mainstream popularity. Bitcoin in particular is heading the charge. As of this week, Bitcoin broke into the $5000 range and has since gained value far quicker than most expected. If you’re new to crypto and are looking for a way in, look no further. This isn’t going to be a long and […]
builderall dfy services

LAUNCHING: DFY BuilderAll Services (Funnels, Autoresponders, Domains, Videos, and more!)

Hey guys, I know some of you have been requesting this, and it’s in demand right now, so we’re announcing that we are now taking on BuilderAll clients! What is BuilderAll? Everything You Need to Know I’m sure you’ve heard about Clickfunnels if you’re into the online marketing scene. You’ve also most likely dealt with web builders such as WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Wix before as well. BuilderAll is a cloud-based web builder platform that combines most of the best features from Clickfunnels, Wix, and WordPress, into one seamless software. This was done because, as most entrepreneurs and marketers know, […]
how to rank on first page of google

Rank on the First Page of Google Without Paying a Cent? This Guide Reveals How

Everyone’s looking for quick fixes and miracle hacks when it comes to SEO, but the bottom line is, there are very specific directions Google wants you to follow in order to rank high, especially on the first page. No amount of fancy tricks and half-baked content is going to change that. You’re not going to fool Google.  However, anyone can follow the directions to make Google happy and rank competitively, all without paying a cent. One of the problems I feel like people run into though, is that they simply don’t know what to believe, or get confused when they […]
bitcoin price rise

Bitcoin Soars Again (Why Crypto Dips Are Merely Anomalies)

If I had to give you the best piece of crypto advice I could in only one short sentence, I would just tell you, “buy the dip.” Anyone who is familiar with the ebb and flow of markets naturally grows wary of big dips and any signs of instability. In stocks, 5% and 10% volume dips are nearly apocalyptic. That kind of thing gives day-traders grey hair. I believe there are still too many people applying stock market logic to the movements of crypto. Though they share many of the same qualities, they are definitely not the same thing.  Crypto […]